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About Progressive Bikes.

We are proud to bring Brodie Bikes to the UK. We like what Brodie do and we think that brodie make some great bikes, we think you will like them too. Click on the history of Brodie for a full history lesson 🙂

Like most mountain bikers, I started riding around on what ever was available , in my case a cheap catalogue special with side pull brakes and near plastic tyres! Even so, the fun and buzz I got from riding in the local woods was the start of a long love affair. Other things got in the way for a few years (college, partying etc!) and I stopped riding those secret little bits of single-track, until one day a good friend of mine came to see me with his nice shiny new toy, a fully rigid Giant mtb.

I realised I must get my self one of those new fangly bikes, and I was in for quite a shock, things had moved on soooo much, decent frame geometry, v brakes, suspension forks, riser bars and decent tyres to name just a few of the big improvements.

The next 10 years were spent exploring different parts of the country on various types of bikes and having loads of fun. Then the opportunity arose to become the UK distributor for one of the mountain bike legends, Brodie bikes.

Brodie are little known in the UK, having spent most of the time hidden away on the tough demanding trails and bike parks of Canada and the US, but that’s about to change, because I think their bikes are ideally suited to the UK, with an eye on good design, reliability in the most extreme of riding situations and above all fun to ride, so expect to see a Brodie on the trails near you!